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“Atmospheric electro-rock, dominated by epic synths, chanting vocals and condensed layers of grumbling guitars. One easily dreams into his universe, and a night black starry sky would be an obvious backdrop for the dark edged sci-fi-rock.”
Citadel Magazine (DK)

“Good song. Nice groove and atmospheric keyboards.”
Mick Glossop (music production veteran, working with Suede, Frank Zappa, Van Morrison, Sinead O’ Connor, Mike Oldfield)

“A cross between Depeche Mode and Linkin Park? Though that description may seem like an unlikely and possibly unkind sound combination, it’s actually quite pleasing.”
eMusician Magazine (US)

“…Convince with big atmospheric electrosounds and cool new wave-style guitars and singing. The mixture is reminiscent of great synthpop like Tears For Fears and film music in Ennio Morricone style.”
Schallgrenzen (DE)

“…ambitions and skills to create rock in a refreshing and curious way.”
Roskilde Festival (DK)

“A beautiful creature, while being quite direct. A meeting between cold and warm reflecting the lyrics often erotic game between nearness and distance. When the magic dust works, the small hairs on the arms stand erect. When coming across one of these tracks, one is deeply grateful to have ears! ”
Geiger Magazine (DK)

“Something different for a change! A nice breath of fresh air at the moment, and the next time a generic rock-by-numbers band claims to be alternative, I can say ‘no’! Its rocky, but in an electro/atmospheric kind of a way, and is, quite frankly, a bit difficult to describe. Think Sonic Youth at their rockiest meets a pissed off Pet Shop Boys with a bit of trip hop chucked in and you might be some way there. And all these elements combine to paint an obscure and haunting landscape that is, quite frankly, very European and very, very good.”
Voltcase Magazine (UK)

“Mature and modern… …A slick, alternative dance rock sound that’s drenched in the highlights of all things atmospherically seductive. …Constructs his own signature sound, resulting in an intoxicating juxtaposition of soft, yet dark, electronic beats that climax into layered vocal bliss. …A strong musical offering for those who love the combination of rock and synth.”
The Muse’s Muse (US)

“…Delivers a pure crossover style mixing different styles like new wave, rock and pop with each other. The opening cut impressed me for the amazing production and stereo effects! …Reveals a mature sound and cool mix of impressive guitar parts and new wave bass lines. …Hard to classify, but reveals a progressive sound and the songs are quite diversified in influences.”
Side-Line (BE)

“Literally kicked us out… …Impossible to resist, a sublime slice of tenderly amorphous panoramic dream pop metered out by looping clock working beats, lunar synth swirls, celestial opines and shimmering riff chimes all seductively harnessed upon a pulsar like lovelorn liquid landscape set upon the subtle foundations of an acutely pop calibrated kraut dialect, we suspect we need to hear more and soon.”
Losing Today/The Sunday Experience (UK)

“…A very pleasant surprise… I think he’ll be able to find a good audience. Looking forward to hearing more from this artist.“
Heathen Harvest (UK/USA)

“…Definitely worth discovering. The music is interesting and I am eagerly waiting.” (SE)

“…This dense, atmospheric and sometimes psychedelic drifting sound that after the 20th time still is seductive and tempting to listen to. A pleasant and sometimes also slightly bitter feeling… …A delicacy, which really reveals the true multi-layeredness…”
Nightshade Magazine (DE)


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