Peter Banner is an original rock/pop artist. It took many years for him to jump out as a rock soloist. Peter Banner has a rock/pop style of his own and focuses on a world of sound with atmosphere and emotion, while an experimental approach does not sacrifice energy or intensity. The songs are straight to the point.

To define the music of Peter Banner could be limiting, and trying to do so is challenging. Some would call it rock/pop, others electro/piano rock. And it certainly is progressive and somewhat of an experience!

The sound of Peter Banner is driven forward by groovy baselines and persistent, yet ever evolving rhythms, and layers of chilling keyboards and thematic guitars culminate in memorable stadium choruses. Already known for the catchy and detail-crammed style, Peter Banner’s builds the huge sound that characterizes the often quite unusual songs.

The lyrics of Peter Banner are both personal and yet apply to everyday life of many listeners. While the voice of Peter Banner has been compared to that of Neil Tennant and not least that of the late David Bowie, and references to Coldplay, U2, Pink Floyd, Keane and Joy Division can be discovered by the audience. Thus, the music of Peter Banner is for the discerning listener and connoisseurs, however not limited to.



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